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according to Albert Camus

Caligula disappears for three days after the death of his beloved Drusilla - wife - sister. He comes back completely changed. His personal tragedy made him realise the absurd of human existence, realise the fact, that death, pain or other "ordinary" human experiences are not enough to drown sharp feeling of emptiness. So he wants to destroy all the order around him, to plunge in blood the human dreams about predictibility of the world, to kill the values important for people, to rape the justice. This metaphysical hunger isn't satisfied, though. "If I got the moon, if love was enough - everything would change. But how to stem this desire? What heart, what god would have the depth of the lake for me?"
(according to: Dictionary of Drama Characters,
D. Kosiński, Cracow 1999)

„Andrzej Dziuk created the performance reserved in emotions, silent scenic poem about the chase for unattainable absolute, about insufficience of pure intellect, about the illusion of human power, about cruelty engaged in service of logical paradoxes, but levelling none of the contradictions of existence. (...) Caligula (K. Łakomik) with the power of concentration, with the heat of madness, and, what's the most important, with the human pain perfectly felt under the derision and clownery, didn't let the spectators belittle or gloss over his tragic-grotesque tussle.”
Jacek Sieradzki - „Polityka” No. 2, 8.01.2000

Premiere 13th November 1999, Witkacy Stage

Performance for the spectators over 16 years of age!


  • staging and directingAndrzej St. Dziuk
  • translationWojciech Natanson
  • musicTomasz Stańko
  • sound engineeringNatalia Sosna
  • stage designingJerzy Skarżyński

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