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Witold Gombrowicz

The author was writing in a comment to Operetta edited in 1966: "…But… how to stuff the puppet emptiness of operetta with a significant drama? The monumental operetta idiocy going together with monumental historical pathos – the mask of operetta behind which a human face, twisted in funny pain, is bleeding…"

Operetta is just this drama where Gombrowicz shows the fall of “ancient regime” – religion and power (authority) given by God, democratization and demons of totalitarism coming out of it, to finish finally with – that is the thing.

What conclusion about the further future of the world can be made today?

Who will be – is - a human today?

The whole Gombrowicz’s argument is embodied in the action based on ingenious substantial opposition of outfit and nudity – culture and nature, regime and freedom.

History of XX century is presented as sui generis fashion revue and the madness of outfit (culture) shows the illnesses of ideological dictatorship destroying human’s freedom (subjectivity).

Operetta ends with the apotheosis of always nude youth, always young nudity, it means the element of spontaneous liberty which can save our humiliated humanity.

Premiere 14th January 2017, Witkacy Stage

Performance for spectators over the age of 16!




  • Helena Rząsa / Kamil Joński
  • Mikołaj Wirowski / Krzysztof Bienias


  • Jerzy Chruściński - piano
  • Marcin Chryczyk - bass guitar
  • Bartosz Dworak - violin
  • Maciej Gruchacz - electric guitar
  • Bartłomiej Kraczyński - percussion
  • Dawid Makosz - keyboard instruments
  • adaptation and directionAndrzej St. Dziuk
  • stage designingJacek Staniszewski
  • director’s assistantAndrzej Bienias
  • stage designer’s assistantJolanta Solska
  • realisation of soundNatalia Sosna
  • choreographyAnita Podkowa
  • musicJerzy Chruściński

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