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according to texts by Julian Tuwim and unknown authors

PANOPTICON based on Julian Tuwim’s works is a dancing and singing performance, based on the texts of one of the most outstanding Polish poets. This enchanting theatre evening consists of beautiful lyric poetry, poems full of admiration for life and the world, satyrical works, socially committed poems and skits. They make audience laugh nearly all the time. The highest quality of word, romantic music by Jerzy Chruściński in the perfect arrangement of Max Klezmer Band create the unusual atmosphere – the moment of reflection but also they guarantee really good fun.

Panopticum is the collection of curiosities – strange characters created by a poet. In our performance the climat of the old courtyards, small squares and the prewar cafes with their permanent visitors is still alive. This is also the collection of wonderful personalities – writer in love, pale aristocrat, femme fatal, wiseacre. You can find here a coquette, a gallant but also a simple girl left by somebody, looking for the better world into which she can be led by a smart hairdresser. All they are accompanied by an original group of musicians wondering in the courtyards.

It is also the performance about the force of memory, about the importance of childhood memories, about the artist-poet creating a very special and beautiful cabaret-metaphysical seance around himself.

Julian Tuwim’s writing achievements are really worth reminding. He was a poet, a translator, an author of theatre adaptations, stage works, poems for children. He was also one of the founders of cabarets “Qui Pro Quo” and “The Warsaw Barber”. His works are various formally and thematically, they take a lot from Polish literary tradition and are full of different feelings, satire and exposing passion. It is the heritage which, in our opinion, should be present all the time in our theatres. At the end of his life the poet lived in Zakopane, here he wrote his last poems and here he died – that’s why he is so close to our Theatre in Chramcówki street.

In the performance there are different texts by Julian Tuwim – these commonly known like “Melody”, “Memory” or “Litany”, moving “The Mad Sophie”, funny “I Don’t Have Time” or “Panopticum” – moreover there are juvenilia, unknown poems recently discovered, poems for children and skits used in the cabaret “Qui Pro Quo”. The accuracy of words, bravery of statement and beauty of the language are atributes of the poetry of one of the most outstanding Polish poets. Polemic and social satire were very close to him, in this way he negated old social models and universal people’s vices. In such works like “To the Simple Man” or “Mercy” he appealed for help for poor, discriminated and harmed.

Attractive music, intriguing stage-designing with the wardrobe full of curiosities, nostalgy with beautiful lyric and original humour of Julian Tuwim and also invention of the actors guarantee unforgettable evening. Tuwim wrote lyric songs and funny skits played long time ago in the cabaret “Qui Pro Quo” byHanka Ordonówna, Mira Zimińska, Eugeniusz Bodo and Adolf Dymsza – now you can see and listen to them interpretated by the actors of Witkacy Theatre.

Premiere – 5th November 2004, Atanazy Bazakbal Stage


  • script and directionAndrzej St. Dziuk
  • director’s assistantMarzena Wnuk
  • stage designingRafał Zawistowski
  • stage-designer’s assistantAnna Wittich-Wrona
  • choreographyGrzegorz Suski
  • sound engineeringNatalia Sosna
  • musicJerzy Chruściński
  • arrangement and performance MAX KLEZMER BAND consisting of:
  • Max Kowalski
  • Jacek Hołubowski
  • Łukasz Sierosławski
  • Piotr Skupniewicz
  • Bartłomiej Szczepański

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