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The Enemy

based on Julien Green

The house – its atmosphere is created by people – Ghosts, Phantoms, Hallucinations. To a summer villa there comes Elzbieta (young, attractive woman) together with her lover – Jacob. Suddenly – Stranger comes to the villa at night – it is Peter – as it appears, Jacob’s foster brother. But together with him Somebody else appears – this title ENEMY…
Who is he?
How to describe him?

This performance is inspired by a drama "The Enemy" (1954) by Julien Green – a contemporary French playwright and roman writer, the author of famous “Journals” .

The unusual drama of love determined by the entering of a stranger, an ambiguous character, who can be sent both by heaven or by hell.

We invite you heartily to the Tetmajer’s family Manor House in Łopuszna (affiliated to Tatra Museum) – 2 Gorczańska street, Łopuszna

Performance dedicated for spectators over 16 years of age!

Getting to the performance on your own!

Premiere 28th August 2019, Tetmajer’s Family Manor House in Łopuszna


  • script, music adaptation, direction– Andrzej St. Dziuk
  • project manager– Marzena Wnuk
  • stage designing– Rafał Zawistowski
  • cooperation:Jolanta Solska, Natalia Sosna, Katarzyna Nodzyńska, Arkadiusz Kudła, Studio Halny
  • partner– Tatra Museum named after Dr Tytus Chałubiński in Zakopane, Director of Tatra Museum, – Anna Wende-Surmiak

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