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Theater without barriers - Accessibility

In our institution we believe that everyone has the right of access to culture, to realization of his passions and dreams.

St.I.Witkiewicz Theatre is adapted for people with disabilities of movement, sight and hearing (architectural facilities, adjusted toilets). We ask persons who would need additional help and people on the wheelchairs to call or e-mail minimum one day before the visit in the Theatre in order to discuss details.

Coordinator of Accessibility

If you have any additional questions concerning the accessibility of our stages for people with disabilities, we encourage you to the contact with our coordinator for disability matters.

Agata Balcerowska–Całka
tel. 18 20 00 660 ext.27,
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hearing-impaired people using the hearing aid with inductor are asked to announce their visit 2 days before the performance – we have possibility of using the mobile inductive loop and the headphones strengthening the sound and making possible comfortable reception of performances.

Witkacy Stage 15 Chramcówki Street – entrance from Szymony Street

St.I.Witkiewicz Theatre is located in the old building of dr Andrzej Chramiec's hydro sanatorium – in two-storey building with the vast parking site from the side of Szymony Street. From the parking site to the main entrance there is about 30m on the cobbled surface. There is possibility (after earlier phone call) of driving just at the main entrance. There lead 7 wide steps with the handrails on both sides, on the left there is 6 meters long ramp for wheelchairs. The entrance consists of three doors, each 120 cm wide. The entrance to the box-office is through the three pairs of doors (wide for 120 cm), opposite of them ( in the distance of 3m) there are two pairs of doors leading to the foyer. On the right from the doors (in the distance of 3m) there is situated a self service cloak room , and 3m to the left a box-office and the small stall with promotion materials of the Theatre. The height of the box-office desktop is 85 cm.

At the left door inside the tickets are checked, then, through the door 1m wide, we enter the spacious foyer, consisting of three rooms. The doors between the rooms are open – their width is 180cm. The most to the left are the toilets – entrance through the door (120cm wide), to the left for Ladies, to the right for Gentlemen and straight forward is the toilet for disabled people – all of them are signed with pictograms. The toilet is fully adjusted for people with disabilities of movement, with the intercom for calling. The foyer and the stage are on the same level, there are neither stairs nor doorsteps.

To the right from the main foyer there is a small coffee bar with the 75 cm high table where tea and coffee is served. In the auditorium people with disability of movement, using the wheelchairs , take place on the sides of the first rows. There is possibility of taking the guide/service dog, accompanying a person with sight dysfunctions.

Atanazy Bazakbal Stage – Theatre Cafe 15 Chramcówki street

In front of the Cafe there are parking places, two sites for disabled people are situated 50m from the entrance. To the café entrance there lead 5 steps with rails and on the left there is a wheelchair ramp 20m long. The entrance to the café box office hall is through 120cm wide door and next into the café through 2 pairs of doors, 120cm wide each.

One meter from the entrance through the left door there is a bar – the counter is 120cm high, the chairs and tables of various height create the auditorium – the service is assured. One meter from the right door there is a self service cloakroom. The toilet is situated 3 m from the left entrance. A. Bazakbal Stage has the toilet adjusted to disabled people's needs – the door is 90cm wide.

There are no different floor levels at AB Stage. In the auditorium disabled people on the wheelchairs take places in the first rows.


Unfortunately there is no possibility to approach to the Theatre by community bus – from the train station and the main bus stop the distance is about 900m.

Educational Classes

For the groups of disabled people we offer educational - interdisciplinary and multisensory classes. The Theatre organizes theatrical lessons for small organized groups, showing the backstage and presenting the specificity of Zakopane theatre.

During one hour we show you the theatre, enter the backstage, reveal some theatrical secrets, talk about typical theatrical professions.

We are flexible in the choice of the range of classes, we conform to the age, the number of people, educational level and expectations of the group. We invite you for a walk in the nooks of Witkacy Theatre to get know of the specificity of this exquisite stage and assembly.

The cost of educational classes: 50 zl per group. Preferred number of participants of the classes: up to 15 people. Duration of the classes: 1 hour.


Persons with disabilities and their assistants are offered the tickets in the same price as entrance tickets (25 zl) for the repertory performances at the premises of the Theatre (after presenting a disabled person's card)

Persons with disabilities have the right to come to the theatre with a guide/service dog.

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