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St.I. Witkiewicz Theatre tries to be adjusted to each spectator’s needs. The building is adapted for the people moving in wheelchairs and assures full comfort of using the repertory and educational offer of the Theatre.

For the people with sight disability we offer educational, interdisciplinary and multisensory classes, as well as visiting the Theatre (including the backstage) and possibility of touching the costumes and props.

We are flexible in the choice of the range of classes, we adjust to the age, the number of people, educational level and expectations of the group.

We invite for a walk in the nooks of Witkacy Theatre to get know the specificity of this exquisite stage and assembly.

The cost of educational classes: 50 zl per group. Preferred number of participants of the classes: 15 people. Duration of the classes: 1 hour.

People who would need additional information concerning availability, tickets or educational classes are asked to call or e-mail minimum one day before the visit in the Theatre, in order to talk about details.

Coordinator of availability will give all needed information:
Agata Balcerowska–Całka
phone 18 20 00 660 ext 27,
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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